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Lighting Layout & Design



UltraGreen’s expert support staff will digitally recreate a 3D model of your workspace using the data your Lighting Consultant gathered during their initial analysis.  Various LED fixtures are then added to the space from UltraGreen’s vast product catalog to determine which fixtures will meet your lighting needs.  You will be presented with this 3D rendering to help you make an educated decision on the best LED system that fits your budget.


We will also create a top-down lighting layout of your space, which shows precise fixture locations and the amount of foot candles your new LED Lighting will produce throughout your building.  This will further aid in your understanding of your options as well as provide the installing electrician with an exact “roadmap” of your lighting.


Because UltraGreen has relationships with so many LED lighting manufacturers, we’re able to replace, retrofit, or install any lighting solution you need.  Your Lighting Consultant’s illumination experience will guide them on fixture details such as the correct beam angle, lumen output, and more.  Then we’ll verify it with state of the art lighting software.

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LED Lighting already changing the world
July 27, 2015
Never been a better time to buy LEDs
David Pogue, New York Times
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