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Ultra Green is the most complete LED lighting and LED retrofit company based out of Des Moines, Iowa. We specialize in every possible kind commercial LED lighting including LED warehouse and high bay lighting, fluorescent lamp LED retrofits, LED recessed lights, LED refrigeration lighting, and much more! Ultra Green is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa area but our Ultra Green LED Lighting Consultants are located throughout the United States.

Ultra Green is different from other lighting companies because we guide your LED lighting installation from start to finish.

Efficiency begins with a thorough analysis of how installing LED lighting or an LED retrofit can reduce the energy you use, saving you money and improving your company's green and sustainability profile.

Your lighting will be optimally designed by our team of LED experts who carefully craft your lighting design and make it fit most effectively for your space. We use state of the art LED fixtures and compare them in a digitized version of your space with the latest software. With UltraGreen, you will have impeccable lighting using a fraction of the energy.

UltraGreen will save you 50-85% over your existing HID, fluorescent, or incandescent lighting by providing low-energy LED fixtures and implementing them into an optimized lighting design. We further shorten your payback by examining your local utility rebates and taking care of the application process for you-- sometimes paying for 75% of the project cost! You also have the option of financing with UltraGreen with the possibility of having your entire lighting system paid for and staying cash flow neutral or cash flow positive. Our Lighting Consultants will do everything possible to maximize your LED savings.

Recent Projects

Here are some examples of how UltraGreen has helped others save money and energy with LED lighting. Check out what we've done for these businesses:

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